Open Your Own Store

How would you like to leave the corporate life and own your own business. After spending thirty years as a Senior Manager in the Information Technology Field I left.

I wanted to follow a dream I had since I began visiting Soccer stores when we were at tournaments. My philosophy is if I feel I can do a better job at something then do it. Well I did.

It isn't easy! The hardest part is securing accounts, understanding budgets, projections and what do I carry for stock. After carefully looking into many options I did find, as probably you have, that it is expensive, crazy to send weekly payments and margins are low.

 I wanted to help others out there who are like me.

We will help you reach this dream , License and consulting but NO Franchise Fees!

What will the Soccer Spot do

  • Opening your very own Soccer Spot Store.
    • Analyze whether a Soccer Spot store is for you.
    • Assistance in developing a targeted Business Plans.
    • Financing guidelines available · unique site selection using demographic studies to identify your customer base.
    • Assistance with identifying possible competitors and ensuring your location is exclusive.
    • Financial assistance available.
    • Consultation & development of store build out, an edge that will keep you and Soccer Spot Unique.
    • Advise and assist on all pre-opening responsibilities from experts who have already gone through the process.
    • Access to all existing vendor agreements through Soccer Spot.
    • Work with you determine immediate opening inventory mix.
    • Identify World Wide Vendors.
    • Represent and assist you with Major Vendors.

    On going benefits

    • Training update program in place, initial and on-going for you and your staff.
    • Team and tournament sales consultation, support.
    • Access to "hot" products in sufficient quantities.
    • Preferred treatment by suppliers where applicable.  
    • Assistance with Grass roots marketing and promotion.
    • Recommended programs that pertain to your site.
    • Swapping/sharing of products with networked stores .
    • On-going Support from  the Soccer Spot "Family".
    • Current , on-going updates on latest business and product information .
    • E-Commerce and Web Site immediate on-line recognition and credibility for your store and business.


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